Our Town #43

Mayor Shawver

Mayor Shawver

"Working for the People of Stanton"

Our Town #43

My article today profiles the City of Stanton so together we can better understand what our town is all about.

The City was first incorporated in 1911 and reincorporated on June 14, 1956 when the Orange County Board of Supervisors voted 5-0 to incorporate an area of Orange County as our new city limits. I found it very interesting that two of the Supervisors Willis H. Warner and Ralph J. McFadden and C. M. Featherly had a park and two streets named after them.

The last census shows that Stanton has a total population of 39,751 residents and is a 3.1 square mile mix of residential and commercial properties. The average age in Stanton is 34.6 years of which our culturally diverse community is 50.6 Hispanic, 18.6% White, 25.9% Asian, 2.3% Black 0.3% American Indian and other 2.3% living in 11,355 housing domiciles with an average occupancy of 3.6 people with an ownership rate of 50.4%.

Our local school districts educate 1,362 students. Residents of our town are served by four public school districts, and one private school: The Garden Grove Unified School District operates a special education school in Stanton, named Carver, The Savanna School District serves elementary school students and has a high API similar school ranking of 9.75 out of 10.The Magnolia School District‘s Baden-Powell and Pyles Schools have been named as a Title I Academic Achievement School, Anaheim Union High School District, and Saint Polycarp School (K-8) Catholic School.

There has been a large growth and projected increase in single family housing production of almost 300 units. This does not include an additional increase in available affordable housing. The median house prices recently broke the $500.000 barrier for the first time in the history of the city. Our mobile home park community, an extension of our Stanton neighborhoods, has a total of 1,438 units in ten parks. Foreclosures in the City of Stanton are at an all-time low.

Stanton is a community where most of our population work outside our city limits where 79% of the workers drive themselves to work while 11% car pool, 5% use public transportation and 6% have other means to get to work. The average time it takes a Stanton worker to get to work is 31 minutes. Stanton households have 57.8% owning more than two vehicles which impacts local neighborhood parking.

Stanton workers fill 709 jobs in the manufacturing industry, 552 jobs in the construction trades, 870 jobs in the retail market and 1,207 jobs in the professional and management field. Our local businesses provide for 7,606 jobs. The base salary in our community is $34,837.00.

Our Stanton community has over 73.2% of our population completing high school or higher with an additional 20.5% completing a college bachelor’s degree or higher. On a public health note, Stanton residents have had a marked decrease in obesity while maintaining a level of physical activity rate of over 31.3%. Our chronic disease rates for asthma, diabetes and heart disease have dropped since last year meaning that we are a much healthier community.

Our city may be only 3.1 square miles but is the crossroads of Orange County with Highway 39 dividing our city in half from north to south and sandwiched between seven neighboring cities and surrounded by four freeways.

Stanton is an incorporated city governed by four councilmembers and a city-wide elected Mayor. The cities day to day operations are administered by our Interim City Manager Mr. Ball Hall and five department heads. The city has approximately 30 full time employees and contracts out many of its services. The public safety emergency     9-1-1 services for our town are provide by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department Deputies (Stanton Police services) by the Orange County Fire Authority firefighters.

I hope this short summary gives you a better understanding of the profile of our town and our community. We all are proud of our small town and the wonderful people that live in it. We truly have followed our city motto of “Community Pride and Forward Vision.”

Just an important reminder that our town has two outstanding events coming up. The first being our annual “Halloween Fun With Family and Friends” which is scheduled for Saturday, October 27th at Stanton Central Park from 12:00pm to 4:00pm. There will be local venders and service clubs with plenty of activities for your family. We also will be having our Halloween Costume Contest for all ages with prizes for the winners. So, take the afternoon off and come by and join us for this festive event.

On Sunday November 11th at 9:00am we will be celebrating Veteran’s Day at Veteran’s Memorial Park, 10970 Cedar Street, Stanton. I invite you to join me as Mayor of the City as we honor our past and present service men and service women. It is fitting that we hold this event at our award-winning Veteran’s Memorial Park where our “Wall of Honor” is on display proudly honoring those men and women from Stanton who served and still serve our country at home and around the world. It is important that each one of us take this day to remember those who serve and those who gave their lives for the freedoms they have given us.

Happy Halloween and be safe by checking the kids candy and make sure to look out for traffic when going through the city to collect the loot. Thanks Mayor David John Shawver [email protected]